A digital platform to inspire and mentor budding entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial spirit is not very pronounced in Germany – the number of start-ups is continuously decreasing, as are the numbers of company successions. STARTUP TEENS is here to rekindle the entrepreneurial spirit: It is the largest-reaching digital education platform in Germany, which teaches pupils entrepreneurial thinking as well as coding. The platform is free to any teenager who wants to join; it offers online classes and instructional videos taught by successful entrepreneurs and mentors as well as a network for young founders and talents in Germany. The goal: to inspire and enable young people to realize and implement their own ideas.

Initiators and Contact

Münsterstraße 5
59065 Hamm


#beyondcrisis – Time for New Solutions

Stefan Volovinis
head of communication, Deutschland – Land der Ideen
Tel.: +49 30 – 206 459 – 160
(Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm)