Removable Shopping Cart Handle SCHUBSI

If you don´t want to touch the handle of a shopping cart because of hygienic reasons, the new product  “Schubsi” (“pushy”) is the answer for you: A removable handle that you can simply clip around the bar of a shopping cart, thus avoiding direct contact with it. “Schubsi” allows you to push, turn and pull the shopping cart – it is not only more hygienic but also fun!

The product works with all round handles with a diameter of 25 to 32 mm and can also be used as an ‘extended finger’ for lever handles, doorbells, elevator buttons or similar applications.

Initiators and Contact

HAROMAC Werkzeugfabrik GmbH & Co.KG
Heinrich-Schicht-Str. 1
42499 Hückeswagen

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