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The goal is to reduce patients’ ICU length of stay and to rehabilitate and transfer patients sooner. This would increase capacities for Covid-19 patients. Early mobilization has been shown to reduce the length of stay and ventilation duration (on average by 24 %) in intensive care units, and therefore to shorten hospital stays in general. Due to nursing shortage in intensive care (ICU) and intermediate care units (IMCU), said early mobilization can mostly not be practiced as sufficiently, consistently, and in accordance with guidelines as they should.

We, the Reactive Robotics GmbH, are able to offer a resource-saving therapy with the help of our robotic assistance systems. One nurse is enough, where normally two to three would be needed. In this way, we can contribute to transferring and discharging patients sooner, and thus ensure that hospital beds are freed up sooner for the next ICU patients.

Our systems are currently being used in five German hospitals. By the end of 2020, our goal is to have at least 25 systems placed in intensive care units. Since each robot can be operated with up to 4 beds, and each bed treats an average of 4 patients per month, we could be helping over 400 Covid-19 patients per month by the end of 2020.

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