Newcomers against Corona

Refugees in Germany are helping fellow citizens through the Corona crisis

Voluntary help is of great importance during the the Corona crisis, as the weakest groups in society are particularly affected. The new initiative “Newcomers against Corona”  brings together motivated helpers with a refugee background with various volunteer projects: In these projects refugees work together with volunteers who have been in Germany for a long time towards a common goal: Together, they help older people shop, support medical staff, care for the homeless or sew protective masks. The initiative enables refugees to take an active role in coping with the crisis and become engaged newcomers. In addition, the commitment offers the chance to break out of a psychologically stressful situation and to use individual skills in a meaningful way. The opportunity is two-sided: Refugees and migrants bring new ideas and special expertise with them, which is highly relevant to the tasks in the non-profit sector. It also creates lasting networks and friendships between volunteers with and without a refugee background.

After a successful start with more than 500 registrations, the initiative now wants to permanently expand their work to the whole non-profit sector – help is needed  in many areas of society, and the “Newcomers against Corona” are here to help. 

Initiators and Contact

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