Hey Donation Board

Donate a coffee for a person in need - and make the world a little bit better

The idea of “hey” refers to the tradition of the Caffè Sospeso from Naples, Italy. In many coffee shops in the city you can pay for two coffees – and give one as a gift to someone in need. Everyone can give, everyone can take.

During the coronavirus crisis, this generous tradition made its way to Germany. In bakeries, coffee shops and snack bars you can now find “hey donations boards”; you order and pay for an extra coffee, roll or bretzl and then pin your receipt on the board. Whoever needs it, can pick it up and use it. 

“hey” stands for a more caring world during and after the crisis. In particular, old people, single mothers or the homeless are given the opportunity to participate in society. The local shops also make a small profit – it´s a win win for everyone.  

Initiators & Contact

hey GmbH
Sommerstrasse 37
81543 München



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Stefan Volovinis
head of communication, Deutschland – Land der Ideen
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